SeniorInternational Course

This course is designed to help students develop the English language skills and thinking abilities to actively participate in the international world.

The ability to speak English as a means of communication is essential in our increasingly internationally-connected world. That is why our English classes use authentic materials to help students reach a level where they can think and engage in dialogue. Immersion education in English is also offered in mathematics, science, and social studies, and more than 10 native English speaking teachers actively communicate with students outside of class, ensuring an environment in which students can naturally improve their English skills.

Developing Thinking Skills and Social Contribution Activities to Change the World

This course includes an English immersion class in Philosophy and a Chinese language class. In the philosophy class, students learn that there are many different ways of thinking by discussing various issues and situations in English. In addition, Mission on the Ground (MoG), a study tour where we try to solve real challenge in the world, is compulsory in order to cultivate motivation to contribute to society. Through these efforts, students will develop a mindset to change the world.