SeniorArts and Science Course

This is a course where you can learn a wide range of things and find what you want to be.

This course is designed to help students balance their studies with their school life. In the first year, students focus on basic academic skills in a well-balanced manner, and in the second year, students are divided into "science classes" and "liberal arts classes" to gain more diverse learning experiences. At the same time, through extracurricular activities and events, students polish their thinking skills, problem finding and solving skills, communication skills, and acquire social literacy.

Multi-faceted support for deciding on a career path

In addition to the regular classes, students will discover what they like and the specialized fields that will lead to their future goals through various studies such as inquiry papers and our Global Project, and with the help of objective data from ICT and the support of the teachers, they will be able to realize their career goals. It is also possible for students to challenge other universities after passing the entrance exam for Kogakuin University. We will support each student to realize their career goals.

Exam guidance to achieve students’ first choice

In the third year, we incorporate many exercises for university entrance exams, and each class works hard to achieve high goals in order to pass the exams for their preferred universities. As the proportion of sogo-type and suisen nyushi-type university entrance exams is increasing, students are required to have not only knowledge but also social and thinking skills. Frequent hands-on activities in project-oriented classes, like presentations for example, help students acquire the skills to tackle various types of entrance examinations with confidence.