School Philosophy

The educational goal for our students is to acquire a spirit demonstrating our school motto: “Challenge, Creation, and Contribution”, which was established to support Kogakuin University’s mission to train and educate engineers. Our school teaches students to contribute to the development of society with an emphasis on the power of engineering. Though trends and times may change, this mission persists.

The skills of the 21st Century

The role of school in the 21st Century is changing gradually. The skills students need are also changing. Students are required to learn skills such as critical thinking and good judgment in addition to academic knowledge.
Furthermore, while rapid technological innovation brings us convenience and globalization, it causes us unpredictable social change. In this environment, our school has fostered students as global citizens who can understand a variety of viewpoints, who have a strong self-identity, and who can communicate effectively and confidently.”

What is the 21st Century Education practiced by our school ?

“Learning should not be passive, but active.”
That’s why Kogakuin practices Peer Instruction Lectures (PIL) and Project Based Learning (PBL). With these approaches firmly in mind, we also undertake continuous IB training and reflective teacher development. Students experience these approaches as classrooms emphasizing active learning, learning by doing or making things, and collaboration among peers, which are the core focuses of 21st Century Education.”

With this in mind, Kogakuin Junior High School established three types of classes in April of 2015:
"Hybrid Arts and Science Class", "Hybrid Science Class" and "Hybrid International Class."
Students in all three Classes study a shared core curriculum, including the liberal arts, ICT literacy, and presentation skills, but their distinct features are as follows:

The Hybrid Science Class specializes in Math and Science taught in Japanese.
The Hybrid Arts and Science Class is for students who have chosen to focus on the humanities or the sciences.
The Hybrid International Class specializes in Math and Science taught in English in addition to advanced English.

In April of 2017, Kogakuin established the Hybrid International Course at the senior high school with three additional courses to follow quickly after.

The Hybrid International Couse specializes in science, math, and information classes taught through English immersion in addition to Chinese and Philosophy in English.
The Hybrid Science Course specializes in Math and Science taught in Japanese.
The Hybrid Advanced Arts and Science Course is for students who wish to enter highly competitive Japanese universities, but who haven’t chosen to specialize in the humanities or the sciences.
The Hybrid Arts and Science Course is for students who mainly wish to enter Kogakuin University and haven’t chosen to specialize in the humanities or the sciences.
The meaning of “Hybrid” at Kogakuin –for the future–
According to the Oxford Living Dictionary, ‘hybrid’ means “a thing made by combining two different elements.” According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means, “something that is a mixture of two very different things”.
Many Japanese people still unconsciously classify the world as ‘Nihon-jin’ and ‘Gaikoku-jin’.  We believe children in the future should be have a viewpoint that embraces the ‘hybrids’ of the world, seeing the mixtures in life.  In other words, they should re-frame globalization as “the hybridization of the world.”  Their world will be marked by multiculturalism and multilingualism.  Kogakuin uses “hybrid” at the start of the name of each educational course to reflect our wish that students be aware of their hybrid futures.