juniorAdvanced Class

Students can improve their academic skills in a wide range of fields and make flexible career choices.

This is a class that emphasizes a balanced study of a wide range of subjects, in both the humanities and sciences to improve all of their academic skills. Students are able to carefully assess their own interests, abilities, and future plans, and expand their potential for a variety of career paths. Students learn mathematics at an accelerated pace, mastering high school mathematics I and A in the third grade.

The High School Advanced Arts and Science Course is a course that aims to achieve high academic goals such as public universities and difficult-to-enter private universities by starting with a broad liberal arts-based education. Then from the second year, students are divided into "Super Science Class", "Science Class", and "Humanities Class" to acquire practical skills for university entrance examinations with a curriculum that matches their career goals.

Attractive learning through high school-university collaboration

With the advantage of being adjacent to a university, we collaborate with the university and use the university facilities to provide learning opportunities and create an environment that inspires students to learn. We also have deep ties with other universities and actively plan lectures and other events to help students accurately understand various academic fields and set clear career goals.

Super Science Class (2nd and 3rd year high school students)

This is a class for training science specialists that is offered in the second year of the High School Advanced Arts and Science Course. This class aims to develop high-grade academic skills through a curriculum that heavily focuses on science and mathematics subjects. Students will have the opportunity to think about advanced technology, engineering, and medicine from various perspectives, and develop the qualities essential for those involved in science (Math III is required).