From our principal

K-STEAM: Advanced Education in Kogakuin

Principal Yoshiaki Nakano

At our school, we are focused on ICT education. One result of our effort was that we were able to smoothly implement remote classes in the COVID-19 Crisis without stopping the students' learning. We have also worked hard to create an environment where students can engage in cutting-edge learning that is always engaging and exploratory. This cutting-edge learning, which is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and in line with new academic disciplines, enables us to educate our students to be able to respond to the challenges associated with the realization of the SDGs and the advent of Society 5.0. As partners in this effort, we are promoting cooperation and collaboration with domestic and international institutions of higher learning, international organizations, national organizations, research institutes, the local city of Hachioji, business and economic organizations, and other related organizations. These efforts have received high praise from outside the school, including being ranked first among schools focusing on ICT education and among the top 10 in mathematics, science, and global education. *

In addition, from the 2021 academic year, we will promote K-STEAM, which is a unique learning experience that no other school can offer. K-STEAM means "an advanced education unique to Kogakuin that combines global liberal arts and mathematical information engineering”. To this end, we will further enhance our creative learning environment, with facilities such as our newly remodeled Make R∞m and Fab Space. We will also make the most of our advantage of being adjacent to Kogakuin University's Hachioji campus, by not only using the university's facilities and equipment, but also collaborating with the university in a comprehensive and inclusive manner to develop a variety of educational activities.

Our school motto is "Challenge, Creation and Contribution." In other words, we aim to challenge students to think for themselves without fear of failure, to create new values in cooperation with their peers, and to proactively contribute to the building of a society rich in human compassion. This applies not only to our students, but also to our faculty and staff. We promise to always strive to improve the content of our education and to firmly support the growth of our students, and we declare the following:

The latest KOGAKUIN is the best KOGAKUIN.