juniorInternational Class

We aim to prepare students to enter overseas universities through a six-year-curriculum that aims for CEFR C1 English and guidance for global advancement.

English skills are essential to actively participate in the international world. We provide immersion education where science, mathematics, and English classes are taught in English. Using Cambridge and Oxford textbooks, native English-speaking teachers provide high-level lessons to help students reach a level where they can think and interact with high quality in English, aiming for C1 on the CEFR by the time they graduate from senior high school. Since our school is in Japan and many of our International Class graduates continue to live in Japan, Japanese language skills and Japanese cultural awareness are also an important part of our program. In order to achieve fluency in both languages, our social studies and Japanese language classes are taught in Japanese.

International class students who graduate and move into our high school International Course will also study an English immersion classes in Philosophy and a Chinese language class. In the philosophy class, students learn that there are many different ways of thinking by discussing various issues and situations in English. In addition, Mission on the Ground (MoG), a study tour where we try to solve a real challenge in the world, is required in order to cultivate motivation to contribute to society that global citizens should have. Through these efforts, students will develop the mindset to change the world. Through problem-solving classes that develop the ability to identify and solve problems on their own, our students are equipped with the skills to be globally competitive, and we provide career guidance with an eye toward universities ranked in the top 200 in the world.